Flynn Rider (storyofhowidied) wrote,
Flynn Rider

002 | Open Commentlog

[For the moment, Flynn is doing some exploring. He saw a lot of this place when Blondie took him on a tour, but he's decided to go back and check some things out further for himself. A nice, open area, the Green seemed like a good place to check out.

Except... He managed to miss the execution block when he was there with Goldie. It's... Well. It's not like it bothers him. He's escaped the noose plenty of times. Or... Escaped capture that would lead to the noose. Same difference.

But there is something eerie about seeing it. A reminder that he might be in danger here, too. He stops and stares for a bit before turning away, doing his best to look casual.

Hopefully no one saw that.]
Tags: !commentlog, !ic, exploration, oh yes the wanted thief, the green
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